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Descriptor English:   Academic Dissertations as Topic 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tesis Académicas como Asunto 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Dissertações Acadêmicas como Assunto 
Synonyms English:   Dissertation, Academic as Topic
Dissertations, Academic as Topic
Theses as Topic
Theses as Topics  
Tree Number:   L01.178.682.389
Definition English:   Works about substantial papers written by candidates for an academic degree under the individual direction of a professor or papers written by undergraduates desirous of achieving honors or distinction. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with Publication Type ACADEMIC DISSERTATION
History Note English:   2018(1963) 
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Record Number:   4273 
Unique Identifier:   D004212 

      Information Science [L01]
         Communications Media [L01.178]
            Blogging [L01.178.148]
            Mass Media [L01.178.590] +
            Publications [L01.178.682]
               Bibliographies as Topic [L01.178.682.099] +
               Book Reviews as Topic [L01.178.682.150]
               Books [L01.178.682.192] +
               Broadsides as Topic [L01.178.682.236]
               Calendars as Topic [L01.178.682.263]
               Catalogs as Topic [L01.178.682.290] +
               Academic Dissertations as Topic [L01.178.682.389] 
               Erotica [L01.178.682.441]
               Government Publications as Topic [L01.178.682.492]
               Gray Literature [L01.178.682.550]
               Manuscripts as Topic [L01.178.682.608] +
               Pamphlets [L01.178.682.707]
               Preprints as Topic [L01.178.682.733]
               Review Literature as Topic [L01.178.682.759] +
               Serial Publications [L01.178.682.829] +
               Translations [L01.178.682.920]
            Social Media [L01.178.751]
            Teaching Materials [L01.178.820] +
            Telecommunications [L01.178.847] +

      Health Sciences, Technology, and Innovation Management [SH1]
         Scientific Communication and Diffusion [SH1.040]
            Support and Finance Policies on Scientific Publishing [SH1.040.010] +
            Scientific and Technical Publications [SH1.040.020]
               Periodicals as Topic [SH1.040.020.010]
               Electronic Publications [SH1.040.020.020] +
               Academic Dissertations as Topic [SH1.040.020.030] 
               Research Report [SH1.040.020.040]
               Directories of Projects [SH1.040.020.050]
               Directories of Researchers [SH1.040.020.060]
               Directories of Research Institutions [SH1.040.020.070]
               Patents as Topic [SH1.040.020.080]
            Editorial Policies [SH1.040.030] +
            Information Dissemination [SH1.040.040] +