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Descriptor English:   Policy Making 
Descriptor Spanish:   Formulación de Políticas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Formulação de Políticas 
Synonyms English:   Analysis, Policy
Policy Analysis
Policy Development
Analyses, Policy
Development, Policy
Developments, Policy
Making, Policy
Policy Analyses
Policy Developments  
Tree Number:   N03.706.742
Definition English:   The decision process by which individuals, groups or institutions establish policies pertaining to plans, programs or procedures. 
Indexing Annotation English:   no qualif
See Related English:   Community Participation
Decision Making, Organizational
Decision Making
Dissent and Disputes
Health Planning Guidelines
Health Policy
Public Policy
History Note English:   80 
Record Number:   11482 
Unique Identifier:   D011050 

      Health Care Economics and Organizations [N03]
         Social Control, Formal [N03.706]
            Credentialing [N03.706.110] +
            Facility Regulation and Control [N03.706.280]
            Government Regulation [N03.706.358]
            Human Rights [N03.706.437] +
            Jurisprudence [N03.706.535] +
            Legislation as Topic [N03.706.615] +
            Mandatory Programs [N03.706.657] +
            Patient Advocacy [N03.706.678]
            Peer Review [N03.706.700] +
            Policy Making [N03.706.742] 
               Advisory Committees [N03.706.742.500]

      Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management [SH1]
         Policies and Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation [SH1.010]
            Knowledge Management for Health Research [SH1.010.040]
               Health Research Plans and Programs [SH1.010.040.010] +
               Instruments for Management of Scientific Activity [SH1.010.040.020]
                  Policy Making [SH1.] 
                  Research Promotion [SH1.]
                  Health Research Evaluation [SH1.]
                  Evaluation of Research Programs and Tools [SH1.]
                  Research Policy Evaluation [SH1.]
                  Manuals and Guidelines for Research Management [SH1.]
                  Researcher Performance Evaluation Systems [SH1.]
               Ethics, Research [SH1.010.040.030] +

      Health Policy, Planning and Management [SP1]
         Public Health Policy [SP1.001]
            Policy Making [SP1.001.002] 
               Intersectoral Collaboration [SP1.001.002.008]
            Sustainable Development Goals [SP1.001.004]
            Strategies [SP1.001.007] +
            Health Systems [SP1.001.012] +
            Decentralization [SP1.001.017]
            Regional Health Planning [SP1.001.022] +
            Community Participation [SP1.001.027]
            Health Services Accessibility [SP1.001.032]
            Integrality in Health [SP1.001.034]
            Financial Policy [SP1.001.037] +
            Health Equity [SP1.001.042] +
            Technical Cooperation [SP1.001.047] +
            Health Care Reform [SP1.001.052] +
            Essential Public Health Functions [SP1.001.057]