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Descriptor English:   National Strategies 
Descriptor Spanish:   Estrategias Nacionales 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Estratégias Nacionais 
Tree Number:   SP1.001.007.023
Definition English:   National guidelines developed to interfere with, modify and/or transform a particular health situation in a country or territory which involve several regions. 
Record Number:   16833 

      Health Policy, Planning and Management [SP1]
         Public Health Policy [SP1.001]
            Strategies [SP1.001.007]
               Local Strategies [SP1.001.007.013]
               Regional Strategies [SP1.001.007.018]
               National Strategies [SP1.001.007.023] 
                  Family Health Strategy [SP1.]
               World Strategies [SP1.001.007.028] +

      Disasters [SP8]
         Disaster Management [SP8.946]
            Emergency Watch [SP8.946.117] +
            Education in Disasters [SP8.946.234] +
            Impact of Disasters [SP8.946.351] +
            Disaster Legislation [SP8.946.468] +
            Organizations [SP8.946.585] +
            Disaster Planning [SP8.946.702]
               Specialties in Disasters [SP8.946.702.667] +
               Social Planning [SP8.946.702.676]
               Regional Development [SP8.946.702.685]
               Disaster Stages [SP8.946.702.694]
               Local Strategies [SP8.946.702.703]
               National Strategies [SP8.946.702.712] 
               Disaster Phases [SP8.946.702.721]
               Contingency Plans [SP8.946.702.730]
               Emergency Plans [SP8.946.702.739]
               Hospital Planning [SP8.946.702.748]
            Prevention and Mitigation [SP8.946.819] +
            Human Resources in Disasters [SP8.946.936] +