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Descriptor English:   Regional Strategies 
Descriptor Spanish:   Estrategias Regionales 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Estratégias Regionais 
Tree Number:   SP1.001.007.018
Definition English:   Guidelines developed at a regional level in order to interfere with, modify and/or transform a particular health situation in a territory that involves several municipalities or micro-regions. 
See Related English:   Regional Health Planning
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LJ legislation & jurisprudence OG organization & administration
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      Health Policy, Planning and Management [SP1]
         Public Health Policy [SP1.001]
            Policy Making [SP1.001.002] +
            Sustainable Development Goals [SP1.001.004]
            Strategies [SP1.001.007]
               Local Strategies [SP1.001.007.013]
               Regional Strategies [SP1.001.007.018] 
               National Strategies [SP1.001.007.023] +
               World Strategies [SP1.001.007.028] +
            Health Systems [SP1.001.012] +
            Decentralization [SP1.001.017]
            Regional Health Planning [SP1.001.022] +
            Community Participation [SP1.001.027]
            Health Services Accessibility [SP1.001.032]
            Integrality in Health [SP1.001.034]
            Financial Policy [SP1.001.037] +
            Health Equity [SP1.001.042] +
            Technical Cooperation [SP1.001.047] +
            Health Care Reform [SP1.001.052] +
            Essential Public Health Functions [SP1.001.057]