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Descriptor English:   Intersectoral Collaboration 
Descriptor Spanish:   Colaboración Intersectorial 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Colaboração Intersetorial 
Synonyms English:   Intersectoral Cooperation
Collaboration, Intersectoral
Collaborations, Intersectoral
Cooperation, Intersectoral
Intersectoral Collaborations
Intersectoral Action
Integrated Health Action
Integrated Health Actions
Multisectoral Action
Intersectoral Coordination
Intersectoral Action for Health
Intersectoral Actions for Health  
Tree Number:   N04.226
Definition English:   Cooperative actions and ventures among health and health-related groups and organizations intended to improve health outcomes. 
History Note English:   2017 
Record Number:   29655 
Unique Identifier:   D000070516 

      Population Characteristics [N01] +
      Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services [N02] +
      Health Care Economics and Organizations [N03] +
      Health Services Administration [N04]
         Intersectoral Collaboration [N04.226] 
         Organization and Administration [N04.452] +
         Patient Care Management [N04.590] +
         Quality of Health Care [N04.761] +
      Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation [N05] +
      Environment and Public Health [N06] +

      Health Policy, Planning and Management [SP1]
         Public Health Policy [SP1.001]
            Policy Making [SP1.001.002]
               Intersectoral Collaboration [SP1.001.002.008] 
            Sustainable Development Goals [SP1.001.004]
            Strategies [SP1.001.007] +
            Health Systems [SP1.001.012] +
            Decentralization [SP1.001.017]
            Regional Health Planning [SP1.001.022] +
            Community Participation [SP1.001.027]
            Health Services Accessibility [SP1.001.032]
            Integrality in Health [SP1.001.034]
            Financial Policy [SP1.001.037] +
            Health Equity [SP1.001.042] +
            Technical Cooperation [SP1.001.047] +
            Health Care Reform [SP1.001.052] +
            Essential Public Health Functions [SP1.001.057]