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Descriptor English:   Rhodiola 
Descriptor Spanish:   Rhodiola 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Rhodiola 
Synonyms English:   Rhodiola rosea
Rhodiola roseas
rosea, Rhodiola  
Tree Number:   B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937.249.500
Definition English:   A plant genus of the family CRASSULACEAE. Members contain rhodioloside. This roseroot is unrelated to the familiar rose (ROSA). Some species in this genus are called stonecrop which is also a common name for SEDUM. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse X ref ROSEROOT with ROSE see ROSA
History Note English:   2002 
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Record Number:   35928 
Unique Identifier:   D029771 

      Eukaryota [B01]
         Plants [B01.650]
            Viridiplantae [B01.650.940]
               Streptophyta [B01.650.940.800]
                  Embryophyta [B01.650.940.800.575]
                     Tracheophyta [B01.650.940.800.575.912]
                        Magnoliopsida [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250]
                           Rosanae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859]
                              Cannabaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Chrysobalanaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937]
                              Connaraceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937]
                              Crassulaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937.249]
                                 Kalanchoe [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937.249]
                                 Rhodiola [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937.249] 
                                 Sedum [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937.249]
                              Elaeagnaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Grossulariaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Hydrangeaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Moraceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Rhamnaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Rosaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Saxifragaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Ulmaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +
                              Urticaceae [B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.859.937] +