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Descriptor English:   Public Health Policy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Políticas Públicas de Salud 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Políticas Públicas de Saúde 
Synonyms English:   Government Policies and Organization
Public Health Policies
Health Public Policy
Health Public Policies  
Tree Number:   SP1.001
Definition English:   Set of actions, legal and budgetary framework generated by the procedure and government institutions. They are legitimized through laws or regulations and promote changes in behavior of institutions and individuals in relation to a sectoral or thematic issue. (Free translation from the original: DUNN W.N. About public policy analysis ; a introduction. New Jersey; Prentice Hall, 1993) 
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      Health Policy, Planning and Management [SP1]
         Public Health Policy [SP1.001] 
            Policy Making [SP1.001.002] +
            Sustainable Development Goals [SP1.001.004]
            Strategies [SP1.001.007] +
            Health Systems [SP1.001.012] +
            Decentralization [SP1.001.017]
            Regional Health Planning [SP1.001.022] +
            Community Participation [SP1.001.027]
            Health Services Accessibility [SP1.001.032]
            Integrality in Health [SP1.001.034]
            Financial Policy [SP1.001.037] +
            Health Equity [SP1.001.042] +
            Technical Cooperation [SP1.001.047] +
            Health Care Reform [SP1.001.052] +
            Essential Public Health Functions [SP1.001.057]
         Governance [SP1.004]
         Health Planning [SP1.006] +
         Health Administration [SP1.011] +
         Health Economics [SP1.016]
         Organizations [SP1.021] +