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Descriptor English:   Cortinarius 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cortinarius 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Cortinarius 
Tree Number:   B01.300.179.100.205
Definition English:   A genus of mushrooms in the family Cortinariaceae. When ingested, species of Cortinarius cause delayed acute RENAL FAILURE. 
Indexing Annotation English:   poisoning: coordinate with MUSHROOM POISONING
History Note English:   2009, 1991-1996; use AGARICALES 1997-2008 and 1986-1990 
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Record Number:   53024 
Unique Identifier:   D055363 

      Eukaryota [B01]
         Fungi [B01.300]
            Basidiomycota [B01.300.179]
               Agaricales [B01.300.179.100]
                  Agaricus [B01.300.179.100.105]
                  Agrocybe [B01.300.179.100.107]
                  Amanita [B01.300.179.100.110]
                  Armillaria [B01.300.179.100.125]
                  Coprinus [B01.300.179.100.200]
                  Cortinarius [B01.300.179.100.205] 
                  Cyathus [B01.300.179.100.215]
                  Flammulina [B01.300.179.100.320]
                  Grifola [B01.300.179.100.350]
                  Hebeloma [B01.300.179.100.360]
                  Laccaria [B01.300.179.100.502]
                  Lentinula [B01.300.179.100.515] +
                  Marasmius [B01.300.179.100.550]
                  Pholiota [B01.300.179.100.645]
                  Pleurotus [B01.300.179.100.650]
                  Psilocybe [B01.300.179.100.660]
                  Schizophyllum [B01.300.179.100.750]
                  Termitomyces [B01.300.179.100.780]
                  Tricholoma [B01.300.179.100.790]
                  Volvariella [B01.300.179.100.875]
               Phakopsora pachyrhizi [B01.300.179.110]
               Polyporales [B01.300.179.120] +
               Ustilaginales [B01.300.179.853] +