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Descriptor English:   Anesthetics 
Descriptor Spanish:   AnestÚsicos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   AnestÚsicos 
Synonyms English:   Agents, Anesthetic
Anesthetic Agents
Anesthetic Drugs
Anesthetic Effect
Anesthetic Effects
Drugs, Anesthetic
Effect, Anesthetic
Effects, Anesthetic  
Tree Number:   D27.505.696.277.100
Definition English:   Agents that are capable of inducing a total or partial loss of sensation, especially tactile sensation and pain. They may act to induce general ANESTHESIA, in which an unconscious state is achieved, or may act locally to induce numbness or lack of sensation at a targeted site. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specific groups; use no qualifiers for anesthetics when used to produce anesthesia; coordinate with type of anesthesia: Manual 26.21+; policy: Manual 25.20+
See Related English:   Adjuvants, Anesthesia
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AN analysis BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid CS chemical synthesis
CH chemistry CL classification
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ME metabolism PK pharmacokinetics
PD pharmacology PO poisoning
RE radiation effects ST standards
SD supply & distribution TU therapeutic use
TO toxicity UR urine
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