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Descriptor English:   Atelinae 
Descriptor Spanish:   Atelinae 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Atelinae 
Synonyms English:   Ateles
Monkey, Spider
Monkey, Woolly
Monkey, Woolly Spider
Monkeys, Spider
Monkeys, Woolly
Monkeys, Woolly Spider
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey, Woolly
Spider Monkeys
Spider Monkeys, Woolly
Woolly Monkey
Woolly Monkeys
Woolly Spider Monkey
Woolly Spider Monkeys  
Tree Number:   B01.050.150.900.649.313.988.400.600.075.075
Definition English:   A subfamily in the family ATELIDAE, comprising three genera: woolly monkeys (Lagothrix), spider monkeys (Ateles), and woolly spider monkeys (Brachyteles). 
Indexing Annotation English:   index NIM with no qualifiers when an experimental animal; diseases: coordinate IM with MONKEY DISEASES (IM)
History Note English:   2007; use CEBIDAE 1992-2006; for BRACYTELES use CEBIDAE 1992-2006; for ATELES & LAGOTHRIX use CEBIDAE 1981-2006 
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BL blood CF cerebrospinal fluid
CL classification EM embryology
GE genetics GD growth & development
IM immunology IN injuries
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PS parasitology PH physiology
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