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Descriptor English:   Corpus Striatum 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cuerpo Estriado 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Corpo Estriado 
Synonyms English:   Lenticular Nucleus
Lentiform Nuclei
Lentiform Nucleus
Lentiformis, Nucleus
Nuclei, Lentiform
Nucleus Lentiformis
Nucleus, Lenticular
Nucleus, Lentiform
Striatum, Corpus  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   Striped GRAY MATTER and WHITE MATTER consisting of the NEOSTRIATUM and paleostriatum (GLOBUS PALLIDUS). It is located in front of and lateral to the THALAMUS in each cerebral hemisphere. The gray substance is made up of the CAUDATE NUCLEUS and the lentiform nucleus (the latter consisting of the GLOBUS PALLIDUS and PUTAMEN). The WHITE MATTER is the INTERNAL CAPSULE. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with STRIATE CORTEX see VISUAL CORTEX or with VENTRAL STRIATUM
History Note English:   74(72); LENTICULAR NUCLEUS was see under CORPUS STRIATUM 1974-78; was see under GANGLIA, BASAL 1963-73 
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