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Descriptor English:   Epilepsia Partialis Continua 
Descriptor Spanish:   Epilepsia Parcial Continua 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Epilepsia Parcial Contínua 
Synonyms English:   Chronic Progressive Epilepsia Partialis Continua
Epilepsia Partialis Continua, Chronic Progressive
Epilepsies, Kojevnikov's
Epilepsy, Kojevnikov's
Epilepsy, Kojewnikov's
Kojevnikov Epilepsy
Kojevnikov's Epilepsies
Kojevnikov's Epilepsy
Kojewnikov Epilepsy
Kojewnikov's Epilepsy
Kojewnikow Syndrome
Kojewnikow's Syndrome
Kozhevnikov Syndrome
Kozhevnikov's Syndrome
Kozhevnikow Syndrome, Progressive Variant
Progressive Variant of Kozhevnikow Syndrome  
Tree Number:   C10.597.742.785.260
Definition English:   A variant of EPILEPSY characterized by continuous focal jerking of a body part over a period of hours, days, or even years without spreading to other body regions. Contractions may be aggravated by movement and are reduced, but not abolished during sleep. ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY demonstrates epileptiform (spike and wave) discharges over the hemisphere opposite to the affected limb in most instances. The repetitive movements may originate from the CEREBRAL CORTEX or from subcortical structures (e.g., BRAIN STEM; BASAL GANGLIA). This condition is associated with Russian Spring and Summer encephalitis (see ENCEPHALITIS, TICK BORNE); Rasmussen syndrome (see ENCEPHALITIS); MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS; DIABETES MELLITUS; BRAIN NEOPLASMS; and CEREBROVASCULAR DISORDERS. (From Brain, 1996 April;119(pt2):393-407; Epilepsia 1993;34;Suppl 1:S29-S36; and Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p319) 
History Note English:   1992 
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