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Descriptor English:   Genetic Loci 
Descriptor Spanish:   Sitios Genéticos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Loci Gênicos 
Synonyms English:   Genetic Locus
Loci, Genetic
Locus, Genetic  
Tree Number:   G05.360.340.024.380
Definition English:   Specific regions that are mapped within a GENOME. Genetic loci are usually identified with a shorthand notation that indicates the chromosome number and the position of a specific band along the P or Q arm of the chromosome where they are found. For example the locus 6p21 is found within band 21 of the P-arm of CHROMOSOME 6. Many well known genetic loci are also known by common names that are associated with a genetic function or HEREDITARY DISEASE. 
History Note English:   2010 
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