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Descriptor English:   Glucagon 
Descriptor Spanish:   Glucagón 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Glucagon 
Synonyms English:   Glucagon (1-29)
HG Factor
Hyperglycemic Glycogenolytic Factor
Hyperglycemic-Glycogenolytic Factor
Proglucagon (33-61)  
Tree Number:   D06.472.699.587.730.500
Definition English:   A 29-amino acid pancreatic peptide derived from proglucagon which is also the precursor of intestinal GLUCAGON-LIKE PEPTIDES. Glucagon is secreted by PANCREATIC ALPHA CELLS and plays an important role in regulation of BLOOD GLUCOSE concentration, ketone metabolism, and several other biochemical and physiological processes. (From Gilman et al., Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 9th ed, p1511) 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with GLUCAGON-LIKE PEPTIDES secreted by the intestine
Pharmacological Action:   Gastrointestinal Agents
See Related English:   Receptors, Glucagon
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