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Descriptor English:   Greek World 
Descriptor Spanish:   Mundo Griego 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Mundo Grego 
Tree Number:   I01.076.201.450.226.800.250
Definition English:   A historical and cultural entity dispersed across a wide geographical area under the influence of Greek civilization, culture, and science. The Greek Empire extended from the Greek mainland and the Aegean islands from the 16th century B.C., to the Indus Valley in the 4th century under Alexander the Great, and to southern Italy and Sicily. Greek medicine began with Homeric and Aesculapian medicine and continued unbroken to Hippocrates (480-355 B.C.). The classic period of Greek medicine was 460-136 B.C. and the Graeco-Roman period, 156 B.C.-576 A.D. (From A. Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed; from F. H. Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed) 
Indexing Annotation English:   note category; lands & peoples under influence of Greek civilization & culture; IM; do not confuse with GREECE, a Category Z term for ancient & modern Greece
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