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Descriptor English:   HLA Antigens 
Descriptor Spanish:   Antígenos HLA 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Antígenos HLA 
Synonyms English:   Antigens, HL-A
Antigens, HLA
Antigens, Human Leukocyte
Antigens, Leukocyte
HL A Antigens
HL-A Antigens
Human Leukocyte Antigens
Leukocyte Antigens
Leukocyte Antigens, Human  
Tree Number:   D23.050.301.500.450
Definition English:   Antigens determined by leukocyte loci found on chromosome 6, the major histocompatibility loci in humans. They are polypeptides or glycoproteins found on most nucleated cells and platelets, determine tissue types for transplantation, and are associated with certain diseases. 
Indexing Annotation English:   human only, standing for Human Leukocyte Antigen; assoc with tissue types in transpl & with various dis; GEN or unspecified; prefer specifics; HLA goes here
History Note English:   82; was HL-A ANTIGENS 1978-81; was HL-A see under HISTOCOMPATIBILITY ANTIGENS 1974-77 
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