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Descriptor English:   Hantavirus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Hantavirus 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Hantavirus 
Synonyms English:   Andes Hantavirus
Andes Hantaviruses
Andes Virus
Dobrava Belgrade Virus
Dobrava-Belgrade Virus
Hantavirus, Andes
Hantaviruses, Andes  
Tree Number:   B04.820.087.440
Definition English:   A genus of the family BUNYAVIRIDAE causing HANTAVIRUS INFECTIONS, first identified during the Korean war. Infection is found primarily in rodents and humans. Transmission does not appear to involve arthropods. HANTAAN VIRUS is the type species. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection = HANTAVIRUS INFECTIONS or specifics
History Note English:   92; was HEMORRHAGIC FEVER VIRUS, EPIDEMIC 1977-91 (see under RNA VIRUSES 1978-86, see under ARBOVIRUSES 1977); was EPIDEMIC HEMORRHAGIC FEVER VIRUS see under ARBOVIRUSES 1975-76, see under ARBOVIRUS 1965-74, see under ARBORVIRUSES 1963-64 
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