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Descriptor English:   Olfactory Bulb 
Descriptor Spanish:   Bulbo Olfatorio 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Bulbo Olfatório 
Synonyms English:   Accessory Olfactory Bulb
Accessory Olfactory Bulbs
Bulb, Accessory Olfactory
Bulb, Main Olfactory
Bulb, Olfactory
Bulbs, Accessory Olfactory
Bulbs, Main Olfactory
Bulbs, Olfactory
Bulbus Olfactorius
Glomerulus, Olfactory
Lateral Olfactory Tract
Lateral Olfactory Tracts
Main Olfactory Bulb
Main Olfactory Bulbs
Olfactorius, Bulbus
Olfactory Bulb, Accessory
Olfactory Bulb, Main
Olfactory Bulbs
Olfactory Bulbs, Accessory
Olfactory Bulbs, Main
Olfactory Glomerulus
Olfactory Tract
Olfactory Tract, Lateral
Olfactory Tracts
Olfactory Tracts, Lateral
Tract, Lateral Olfactory
Tract, Olfactory
Tracts, Lateral Olfactory
Tracts, Olfactory  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   Ovoid body resting on the CRIBRIFORM PLATE of the ethmoid bone where the OLFACTORY NERVE terminates. The olfactory bulb contains several types of nerve cells including the mitral cells, on whose DENDRITES the olfactory nerve synapses, forming the olfactory glomeruli. The accessory olfactory bulb, which receives the projection from the VOMERONASAL ORGAN via the vomeronasal nerve, is also included here. 
Indexing Annotation English:   neoplasms: coordinate IM with BRAIN NEOPLASMS (IM) + histological type of neoplasm (IM)
History Note English:   1974(1972); use LIMBIC SYSTEM 1963-73; for OLFACTORY TRACT use OLFACTORY PATHWAYS 1993-2014 
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BS blood supply CH chemistry
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EN enzymology GD growth & development
IM immunology IN injuries
ME metabolism MI microbiology
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PH physiology PP physiopathology
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TR transplantation UL ultrastructure
VI virology  
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Unique Identifier:   D009830 

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