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Descriptor English:   Planning 
Descriptor Spanish:   Planificación 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Planejamento 
Synonyms English:   Planning systems  
Tree Number:   SP4.102.072.583.094
Definition English:   Selection of short- and long-term objectives and the drawing up of tactical and strategic plans to achieve those objectives. In planning, managers outline the steps to be taken in moving the organization toward its objectives. After deciding on a set of strategies to be followed, the organization needs more specific plans, such as locations, methods of financing, hours of operations, and so on. As these plans are made, they will he communicated throughout the organization. When implemented, the plans will serve to coordinate, or meld together, the efforts of all parts of the organization toward the company's objectives. (From: Answers Corporation: 
Indexing Annotation English:   To be used as a descriptor for postcoordination, unless the subject in not applied to a specific area. In this case use field 87: Main descriptors
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