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Descriptor English:   Retinal Vein 
Descriptor Spanish:   Vena Retiniana 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Veia Retiniana 
Synonyms English:   Central Retinal Vein
Central Retinal Veins
Retinal Vein, Central
Retinal Veins
Retinal Veins, Central
Vein, Central Retinal
Vein, Retinal
Veins, Central Retinal
Veins, Retinal  
Tree Number:   A07.015.611.773
Definition English:   Central retinal vein and its tributaries. It runs a short course within the optic nerve and then leaves and empties into the superior ophthalmic vein or cavernous sinus. 
Indexing Annotation English:   retinal vein dis: coord IM with RETINAL DISEASES (IM), not VASCULAR DISEASES
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