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Descriptor English:   Troglotrematidae 
Descriptor Spanish:   Troglotrematidae 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Troglotrematidae 
Tree Number:   B01.050.500.500.736.715.800
Definition English:   A family of flukes (TREMATODA) usually under 10 mm in length, some being only 1 or 2 mm long. In general they are thick, spinous, or scaly flukes having an oval outline and living in various organs and sinuses of birds and mammals. The genus with the greatest interest is PARAGONIMUS. (From Noble et al., Parasitology: the Biology of Animal Parasites, 6th ed, p191) 
Indexing Annotation English:   a family of trematodes; infection: coord IM with TREMATODE INFECTIONS (IM); for antigens, coord with ANTIGENS, HELMINTH, for antibodies, coord with ANTIBODIES, HELMINTH
History Note English:   98; use explode 1982-97 
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