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Topical Qualifier English:   /analogs & derivatives 
Topical Qualifier Spanish:   /análogos & derivados 
Topical Qualifier Portuguese:   /análogos & derivados 
Synonyms English:   /analogs and derivatives
Definition English:   Used with drugs and chemicals for substances that share the same parent molecule or have similar electronic structure but differ by the addition or substitution of other atoms or molecules. It is used when the specific chemical heading is not available and no appropriate group heading exists. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subheading only
Abbreviation: AA 
History Note English:   75; used with Category D1-7 & D9-26 1975-89; D2-7, D9, D11 & D14-23 1990 forward 
Record Number:   22003 
Unique Identifier:   Q000031 

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