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Topical Qualifier English:   /growth & development 
Topical Qualifier Spanish:   /crecimiento & desarrollo 
Topical Qualifier Portuguese:   /crescimento & desenvolvimento 
Synonyms English:   /development
/growth and development
/postnatal development
/postnatal growth  
Definition English:   Used with microorganisms, plants, and the postnatal period of animals for growth and development. It includes also the postnatal growth or development of organs or anatomical parts. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subheading only; for micro-organisms & plants; with animals, for postnatal development only: for prenatal development, see /embryology
Abbreviation: GD 
History Note English:   66; used with Category A & B 1966-74; A1-9, A13-15 & B 1975-86; A1-9, A13-15, B & INFANT, NEWBORN+ 1987-89; A1-l0, A13-14 & B 1990 forward 
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Unique Identifier:   Q000254 

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