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Topical Qualifier English:   /legislation & jurisprudence 
Topical Qualifier Spanish:   /legislación & jurisprudencia 
Topical Qualifier Portuguese:   /legislação & jurisprudência 
Synonyms English:   /civil suits
/court decisions
/government regulations
/judicial aspects
/juridical aspects
/legal aspects
/legislation and jurisprudence
/medicolegal aspects
Definition English:   Used for laws, statutes, ordinances, or government regulations, as well as for legal controversy and court decisions. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subheading only; includes "legal", "laws", "government regulations", "statutes", "ordinances", "medicolegal", "judicial", "juridical", "suits", "avoidance of suits", "litigation", "court decisions"
Abbreviation: LJ 
History Note English:   78; used with Category I1-2 & N2-4 1978-87; I1-2, L, N2-4 & SMOKING 1988; G2-3, I1-2, L, N2-4 & SMOKING+ 1989; G1-2, I2-3 & N2-4 1990 forward 
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Unique Identifier:   Q000331 

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