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Topical Qualifier English:   /ultrastructure 
Topical Qualifier Spanish:   /ultraestructura 
Topical Qualifier Portuguese:   /ultraestrutura 
Synonyms English:   /subcellular structure
/submicroscopic anatomy  
Definition English:   Used with tissues and cells (including neoplasms) and microorganisms for microanatomic structures, generally below the size visible by light microscopy. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subheading only; for normal or pathological subcellular structure
Abbreviation: UL 
History Note English:   75; used with Category A & B 1975; A, B & C4 1976-77; A1-11, A13-16, B & C4 1978-86; A1-11, A13-16, B, C4, CALCULI+, DNA+ & RNA+ 1987-88; A1-11, A13-16, B1, B3-6, C4, CALCULI+, NUCLEIC ACIDS+ & PROTEINS+ 1989; A2-11, A13-16, B1, B3-6 & C4 1990 forward 
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Unique Identifier:   Q000648 

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