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Descriptor English:   AIDS Dementia Complex 
Descriptor Spanish:   Complejo SIDA Demencia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Complexo AIDS DemÍncia 
Synonyms English:   AIDS Encephalopathies
AIDS Encephalopathy
AIDS Related Dementia Complex
AIDS-Related Dementia Complex
Acquired-Immune Deficiency Syndrome Dementia Complex
Complex, AIDS Dementia
Complex, AIDS-Related Dementia
Dementia Complex, AIDS
Dementia Complex, AIDS Related
Dementia Complex, AIDS-Related
Dementia Complex, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Dementia, HIV
Dementias, HIV
Encephalopathies, AIDS
Encephalopathies, HIV
Encephalopathy, AIDS
Encephalopathy, HIV
HIV 1 Associated Cognitive Motor Complex
HIV 1 Cognitive and Motor Complex
HIV Associated Cognitive Motor Complex
HIV Dementia
HIV Dementias
HIV Encephalopathies
HIV Encephalopathy
HIV-1 Cognitive and Motor Complex
HIV-1-Associated Cognitive Motor Complex
HIV-Associated Cognitive Motor Complex  
Tree Number:   C02.782.815.616.400.049
Definition English:   A neurologic condition associated with the ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME and characterized by impaired concentration and memory, slowness of hand movements, ATAXIA, incontinence, apathy, and gait difficulties associated with HIV-1 viral infection of the central nervous system. Pathologic examination of the brain reveals white matter rarefaction, perivascular infiltrates of lymphocytes, foamy macrophages, and multinucleated giant cells. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp760-1; N Engl J Med, 1995 Apr 6;332(14):934-40) 
Indexing Annotation English:   coord IM with HIV-1 or HIV-2 (IM or NIM) if pertinent
History Note English:   1990 
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BL blood CF cerebrospinal fluid
CI chemically induced CL classification
CO complications DI diagnosis
DG diagnostic imaging DH diet therapy
DT drug therapy EC economics
EM embryology EN enzymology
EP epidemiology EH ethnology
ET etiology GE genetics
HI history IM immunology
ME metabolism MI microbiology
MO mortality NU nursing
PS parasitology PA pathology
PP physiopathology PC prevention & control
PX psychology RT radiotherapy
RH rehabilitation SU surgery
TH therapy TM transmission
UR urine VE veterinary
VI virology  
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