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Descriptor English:   Actinobacteria 
Descriptor Spanish:   Actinobacteria 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Actinobacteria 
Synonyms English:   Actinomycetes
Gram-Positive Bacteria, High G+C
High G+C Gram-Positive Bacteria  
Tree Number:   B03.510.024
Definition English:   Class of BACTERIA with diverse morphological properties. Strains of Actinobacteria show greater than 80% 16S rDNA/rRNA sequence similarity among each other and also the presence of certain signature nucleotides. (Stackebrandt E. et al, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. (1997) 47:479-491) 
History Note English:   2003; for ACTINOMYCETES use ACTINOMYCETALES 1997-2002 & 1963-1966 
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