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Descriptor English:   Adaptive Immunity 
Descriptor Spanish:   Inmunidad Adaptativa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Imunidade Adaptativa 
Synonyms English:   Acquired Immunity
Adaptive Immune Response
Adoptive Immunity
Immune Response, Adaptive
Immunity, Acquired
Immunity, Adaptive
Immunity, Adoptive
Response, Adaptive Immune  
Tree Number:   G12.450.050
Definition English:   Protection from an infectious disease agent that is mediated by B- and T- LYMPHOCYTES following exposure to specific antigen, and characterized by IMMUNOLOGIC MEMORY. It can result from either previous infection with that agent or vaccination (IMMUNITY, ACTIVE), or transfer of antibody or lymphocytes from an immune donor (IMMUNIZATION, PASSIVE). 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with specific disease / immunol
See Related English:   Immunity, Innate
History Note English:   2010 
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