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Descriptor English:   Administration, Mucosal 
Descriptor Spanish:   Administración a través de la Mucosa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Administração através da Mucosa 
Synonyms English:   Administration Route, Transmucosal
Administration Routes, Transmucosal
Administration, Transmucosal
Administrations, Mucosal
Administrations, Transmucosal
Mucosal Administration
Mucosal Administrations
Route, Transmucosal Administration
Routes, Transmucosal Administration
Routing, Transmucosal
Routings, Transmucosal
Transmucosal Administration
Transmucosal Administration Route
Transmucosal Administration Routes
Transmucosal Administrations
Transmucosal Routing
Transmucosal Routings  
Tree Number:   E02.319.267.120.655
Definition English:   Delivery of a drug or other substance into the body through the epithelium lining of MUCOUS MEMBRANE involved with absorption and secretion. 
Indexing Annotation English:   NIM but only if discussed: do not index here routinely for every mucosal administration of a drug
See Related English:   Mucous Membrane
History Note English:   2011 
Record Number:   54212 
Unique Identifier:   D058956 

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