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Descriptor English:   AlkB Enzymes 
Descriptor Spanish:   Enzimas AlkB 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Enzimas AlkB 
Synonyms English:   AlkB Homologs
Alkylated DNA Repair Protein AlkB Homologs
Alkylation Repair Homolog Proteins
Alkylation Repair Homologs
Enzymes, AlkB  
Tree Number:   D08.811.074.062
Definition English:   A family of alpha- KETOGLUTARIC ACID and Fe(II)-dependent dioxygenases that are homologous to AlkB, an enzyme that repairs alkylated nucleic acids in E. coli. The mammalian homologs have diverse substrate specificities and functions that include DNA REPAIR, generating unique wobble modifications in URIDINE tRNA, demethylation of nucleotides in DNA and RNA, and demethylation of LYSINE residues on certain proteins, including ACTIN and histones (HISTONE CODE). 
History Note English:   2017 
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