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Descriptor English:   Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte 
Descriptor Spanish:   Antígenos de Diferenciación de Linfocitos B 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Antígenos de Diferenciação de Linfócitos B 
Synonyms English:   Antigen, B-Cell Blast-2
Antigens, B-Cell Differentiation
Antigens, B-Lymphocyte Differentiation
Antigens, B-Lymphocyte Leu
Antigens, Differentiation, B Lymphocyte
Antigens, Differentiation, B-Cell
Antigens, Plasma Cell, PC-1
B Cell Blast 2 Antigen
B Cell Differentiation Antigens
B Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigens
B-Cell Blast-2 Antigen
B-Cell Differentiation Antigens
B-Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigens
B-Lymphocyte Leu Antigens
Blast 2 Antigen, B Cell
Blast-2 Antigen, B-Cell
Differentiation Antigens, B Cell
Differentiation Antigens, B Lymphocyte
Differentiation Antigens, B-Cell
Differentiation Antigens, B-Lymphocyte
Leu Antigens, B Lymphocyte
Leu Antigens, B-Lymphocyte
Plasma Cell Antigens PC 1
Plasma Cell Antigens PC-1  
Tree Number:   D23.050.301.264.051
Definition English:   Membrane antigens associated with maturation stages of B-lymphocytes, often expressed in tumors of B-cell origin. 
History Note English:   90; was ANTIGENS, DIFFERENTIATION, B LYMPHOCYTE 1988-89 
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Unique Identifier:   D000944 

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