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Descriptor English:   Antigens, Tumor-Associated, Carbohydrate 
Descriptor Spanish:   Antígenos de Carbohidratos Asociados a Tumores 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Antígenos Glicosídicos Associados a Tumores 
Synonyms English:   Antigen, CA
Antigen, Carcinoma Associated
Antigen, Carcinoma-Associated
Antigens, CA
Antigens, Cancer-Associated Carbohydrate
Antigens, Carbohydrate, Tumor-Associated
Antigens, Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate
CA Antigen
CA Antigens
CA(Oxford) Antigen
Cancer Associated Carbohydrate Antigens
Cancer-Associated Carbohydrate Antigens
Carbohydrate Antigens, Cancer-Associated
Carbohydrate Antigens, Tumor Associated
Carbohydrate Antigens, Tumor-Associated
Carcinoma Associated Antigen
Carcinoma-Associated Antigen
Tumor Associated Carbohydrate Antigens
Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigens  
Tree Number:   D23.050.285.050
Definition English:   Carbohydrate antigens expressed by malignant tissue. They are useful as tumor markers and are measured in the serum by means of a radioimmunoassay employing monoclonal antibodies. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics
History Note English:   89 
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