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Descriptor English:   Astronomical Phenomena 
Descriptor Spanish:   Fenómenos Astronómicos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Fenômenos Astronômicos 
Synonyms English:   Astronomic Concept
Astronomic Concepts
Astronomic Phenomena
Astronomic Phenomenon
Astronomic Process
Astronomic Processes
Astronomical Concept
Astronomical Concepts
Astronomical Process
Astronomical Processes
Astrophysical Concept
Astrophysical Concepts
Astrophysical Phenomena
Astrophysical Phenomenon
Astrophysical Processes
Concept, Astronomic
Concept, Astronomical
Concept, Astrophysical
Concepts, Astronomic
Concepts, Astronomical
Concepts, Astrophysical
Phenomena, Astronomic
Phenomena, Astronomical
Phenomena, Astrophysical
Phenomenon, Astronomic
Phenomenon, Astrophysical
Process, Astronomic
Process, Astronomical
Processes, Astronomic
Processes, Astronomical
Processes, Astrophysical  
Tree Number:   G01.060
Definition English:   Aggregates of matter in outer space, such as stars, planets, and comets; their properties; and the processes they undergo. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics
History Note English:   2009 
Record Number:   53274 
Unique Identifier:   D055580 

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