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Descriptor English:   Basic Sanitation 
Descriptor Spanish:   Saneamiento Básico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Saneamento Básico 
Synonyms English:   Basic Sanitation Public Service
Basic Sanitation Public Services
Basic Sanitation Services
Provision of Basic Sanitation Public Services
Provision of Basic Sanitation Services
Public Basic Sanitation Service
Public Basic Sanitation Services
Public Services in Basic Sanitation  
Tree Number:   SP4.001.027.258
Definition English:   Set of services, infrastructures and operational facilities: a) supply of drinking water, consisting of the activities, availability, maintenance, infrastructure and facilities necessary for the public supply of drinking water, from catchment to land connections and their measuring instruments; b) sanitary sewage, consisting of the activities, availability and maintenance of infrastructure and operational facilities for collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of sanitary sewage, from the building connections to its final destination for the production of reuse water or its final release into the environment; c) urban cleaning and solid waste management, consisting of activities, infrastructure and operational facilities for collection, transportation, transhipment, treatment and environmental disposal of household solid waste and urban cleaning waste. (Free translation from the original:; 
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Toilet Facilities
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