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Descriptor English:   Bone and Bones 
Descriptor Spanish:   Huesos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Osso e Ossos 
Synonyms English:   Apophyses, Bony
Apophysis, Bony
Bone Tissue
Bone Tissues
Bones and Bone
Bones and Bone Tissue
Bony Apophyses
Bony Apophysis
Tissue, Bone
Tissues, Bone  
Tree Number:   A02.835.232
Definition English:   A specialized CONNECTIVE TISSUE that is the main constituent of the SKELETON. The principal cellular component of bone is comprised of OSTEOBLASTS; OSTEOCYTES; and OSTEOCLASTS, while FIBRILLAR COLLAGENS and hydroxyapatite crystals form the BONE MATRIX. 
Indexing Annotation English:   /cytol: consider also OSTEOBLASTS; OSTEOCLASTS; OSTEOCYTES; /embryol: consider also OSTEOGENESIS; /surg: consider also OSTEOTOMY or ARTHRODESIS or FRACTURE FIXATION & its specifics; differentiate from SKELETON which is almost never used: restrict SKELETON to bone arrangement as a whole & not for "skeletal" which usually means "bone" (= BONE AND BONES); inflammation = OSTEITIS; necrosis = OSTEONECROSIS;
Consider also terms at English:   OSSI- and OSTE- 
Entry Combination - descr/qualif English:   Bone and Bones/growth & development use Bone Development
Bone and Bones/transplantation use Bone Transplantation
See Related English:   Arthrodesis
Calcification, Physiologic
History Note English:   /transplantation was BONE TRANSPLANTATION 1963-65; was BONE AND BONES/transplantation 1966-89 
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