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Descriptor English:   Bowhead Whale 
Descriptor Spanish:   Ballena de Groenlandia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Baleia Franca 
Synonyms English:   Balaena mysticetus
Bowhead Whales
Greenland Right Whale
Greenland Right Whales
Greenland, Right Whale
Right Whale Greenland
Right Whale, Greenland
Right Whales, Greenland
Whales, Greenland Right  
Tree Number:   B01.050.150.900.649.313.875.865.130
Definition English:   The species Balaena mysticetus, in the family Balaenidae, found in the colder waters of the Northern Hemisphere. The common name is derived from the extreme arching of the lower jaw. 
History Note English:   2006; use WHALES 1998-2005 
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