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Descriptor English:   Catalytic Domain 
Descriptor Spanish:   Dominio Catalítico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Domínio Catalítico 
Synonyms English:   Active Site
Active Sites
Catalytic Core
Catalytic Cores
Catalytic Domains
Catalytic Region
Catalytic Regions
Catalytic Site
Catalytic Sites
Catalytic Subunit
Catalytic Subunits
Core, Catalytic
Cores, Catalytic
Domain, Catalytic
Domains, Catalytic
Reactive Site
Reactive Sites
Region, Catalytic
Regions, Catalytic
Site, Active
Site, Catalytic
Site, Reactive
Sites, Active
Sites, Catalytic
Sites, Reactive
Subunit, Catalytic
Subunits, Catalytic  
Tree Number:   G02.111.570.120.704
Definition English:   The region of an enzyme that interacts with its substrate to cause the enzymatic reaction. 
History Note English:   1999; for ACTIVE SITE or REACTIVE SITE use BINDING SITE 1975-2008 
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DE drug effects GE genetics
IM immunology PH physiology
RE radiation effects  
Record Number:   33899 
Unique Identifier:   D020134 

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