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Descriptor English:   Chemistry, Bioinorganic 
Descriptor Spanish:   Química Bioinorgánica 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Química Bioinorgânica 
Synonyms English:   Biochemistries, Inorganic
Biochemistry, Inorganic
Bioinorganic Chemistries
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Biological Inorganic Chemistries
Biological Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistries, Bioinorganic
Chemistries, Biological Inorganic
Chemistry, Biological Inorganic
Inorganic Biochemistries
Inorganic Biochemistry
Inorganic Chemistries, Biological
Inorganic Chemistry, Biological  
Tree Number:   H01.158.201.214
Definition English:   Field of chemistry pertaining to the study of inorganic compounds or ions and their interactions with biological ligands at the molecular level. 
Indexing Annotation English:   The discipline (education, history, etc) only; use CHEMICAL PHENOMENA or BIOCHEMICAL PHENOMENA or specifics treed under them for characteristics of inorganic substances interacting with biological substances.
History Note English:   89 
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