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Descriptor English:   Chromosomes, Human 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cromosomas Humanos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Cromossomos Humanos 
Synonyms English:   Chromosome, Human
Human Chromosome
Human Chromosomes  
Tree Number:   A11.284.187.520.300
Definition English:   Very long DNA molecules and associated proteins, HISTONES, and non-histone chromosomal proteins (CHROMOSOMAL PROTEINS, NON-HISTONE). Normally 46 chromosomes, including two sex chromosomes are found in the nucleus of human cells. They carry the hereditary information of the individual. 
Indexing Annotation English:   GEN only: prefer specifics; do not coord with pre-coord chromosome terms, such as CHROMOSOME ABERRATIONS; CHROMOSOMAL PROTEINS, NON-HISTONE; etc.: check tag HUMANS will serve for these
History Note English:   78 
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