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Descriptor English:   Cnidarian Venoms 
Descriptor Spanish:   Venenos de Cnidarios 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Venenos de Cnidários 
Synonyms English:   Chironex Venom
Chironex Venoms
Cnidarian Venom
Jellyfish Venom
Jellyfish Venoms
Nematocyst Venoms
Portuguese Man of War Venom
Portuguese Man-of-War Venom
Sea Anemone Venom
Sea Anemone Venoms
Venom, Chironex
Venom, Cnidarian
Venom, Jellyfish
Venom, Portuguese Man-of-War
Venom, Sea Anemone
Venoms, Chironex
Venoms, Cnidarian
Venoms, Jellyfish
Venoms, Nematocyst
Venoms, Sea Anemone  
Tree Number:   D20.888.230
Definition English:   Venoms from jellyfish; CORALS; SEA ANEMONES; etc. They contain hemo-, cardio-, dermo- , and neuro-toxic substances and probably ENZYMES. They include palytoxin, sarcophine, and anthopleurine. 
Indexing Annotation English:   /antag permitted but consider also ANTIVENINS; coordinate with specific Cnidaria source
Pharmacological Action:   Poisons
See Related English:   Cnidaria
History Note English:   95; was COELENTERATE VENOMS 1978-94 
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