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Descriptor English:   Coccidia 
Descriptor Spanish:   Coccidios 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Coccídios 
Synonyms English:   Coccidias  
Tree Number:   B01.043.075.189
Definition English:   A subclass of protozoans commonly parasitic in the epithelial cells of the intestinal tract but also found in the liver and other organs. Its organisms are found in both vertebrates and higher invertebrates and comprise two orders: EIMERIIDA and EUCOCCIDIIDA. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection = COCCIDIOSIS; "coccidial" refers to COCCIDIA: do not confuse with "coccidioidal" (refers to COCCIDIOIDES, a fungus); coordinate with specific protozoal terms (ANTIGENS, PROTOZOAN, etc) if pertinent
See Related English:   Coccidiostats
History Note English:   79(75); was see under SPOROZOA 1963-78 
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