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Descriptor English:   Debrisoquin 
Descriptor Spanish:   Debrisoquina 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Debrisoquina 
Synonyms English:   Debrisoquine
Tree Number:   D03.633.100.531.205
Definition English:   An adrenergic neuron-blocking drug similar in effects to GUANETHIDINE. It is also noteworthy in being a substrate for a polymorphic cytochrome P-450 enzyme. Persons with certain isoforms of this enzyme are unable to properly metabolize this and many other clinically important drugs. They are commonly referred to as having a debrisoquin 4-hydroxylase polymorphism. 
Pharmacological Action:   Antihypertensive Agents
Adrenergic Agents
History Note English:   91(73); was see under ISOQUINOLINES 1973-90 
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