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Descriptor English:   Diagnosis, Dual (Psychiatry) 
Descriptor Spanish:   Diagnóstico Dual (Psiquiatría) 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Diagnóstico Duplo (Psiquiatria) 
Synonyms English:   Diagnoses, Dual
Diagnoses, Dual (Psychiatry)
Diagnoses, Dual Psychiatric
Diagnoses, Psychiatric Dual
Diagnosis, Dual
Diagnosis, Dual Psychiatric
Diagnosis, Psychiatric Dual
Dual Diagnoses
Dual Diagnoses (Psychiatry)
Dual Diagnoses, Psychiatric
Dual Diagnosis
Dual Diagnosis (Psychiatry)
Dual Diagnosis, Psychiatric
Dual Psychiatric Diagnoses
Dual Psychiatric Diagnosis
Psychiatric Diagnoses, Dual
Psychiatric Diagnosis, Dual
Psychiatric Dual Diagnoses
Psychiatric Dual Diagnosis  
Tree Number:   E01.190
Definition English:   The co-existence of a substance abuse disorder with a psychiatric disorder. The diagnostic principle is based on the fact that it has been found often that chemically dependent patients also have psychiatric problems of various degrees of severity. 
Indexing Annotation English:   restrict to substance abuse with ment disord; IM GEN only; coord NIM with specific addiction (IM) + specific ment disord (IM); DF: DUAL DIAG
History Note English:   94 
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Unique Identifier:   D017831 

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