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Descriptor English:   EGF Family of Proteins 
Descriptor Spanish:   Familia de Proteínas EGF 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Família de Proteínas EGF 
Synonyms English:   EGF Receptor Ligands
Epidermal Growth Factor Like Proteins
Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Proteins
Epidermal Growth Factors
Ligands, EGF Receptor
Proteins EGF Family
Receptor Ligands, EGF  
Tree Number:   D12.644.276.382
Definition English:   A family of proteins that are related to epidermal growth factor. They share in common a consensus sequence consisting of six spatially conserved CYSTEINE residues which form three intramolecular bonds. This consensus sequence is commonly referred to EGF motif and is considered essential for binding of the proteins to ERB RECEPTORS. 
History Note English:   2015; for EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTORS use EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR 1981-2014 
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