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Descriptor English:   Endoscopy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Endoscopía 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Endoscopia 
Synonyms English:   Endoscopic Surgical Procedure
Endoscopic Surgical Procedures
Endoscopy, Surgical
Procedure, Endoscopic Surgical
Procedures, Endoscopic Surgical
Surgical Endoscopy
Surgical Procedure, Endoscopic
Surgical Procedures, Endoscopic  
Tree Number:   E01.370.388.250
Definition English:   Procedures of applying ENDOSCOPES for disease diagnosis and treatment. Endoscopy involves passing an optical instrument through a small incision in the skin i.e., percutaneous; or through a natural orifice and along natural body pathways such as the digestive tract; and/or through an incision in the wall of a tubular structure or organ, i.e. transluminal, to examine or perform surgery on the interior parts of the body. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics; / instrum permitted but consider also ENDOSCOPES
See Related English:   Endoscopes
History Note English:   1963 
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