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Descriptor English:   Evoked Potentials 
Descriptor Spanish:   Potenciales Evocados 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Potenciais Evocados 
Synonyms English:   Event Related Potentials
Event-Related Potential
Event-Related Potentials
Evoked Potential
Evoked Potential, N100
Evoked Potential, N200
Evoked Potential, N300
Evoked Potential, N400
Evoked Potential, P200
Evoked Potential, P50
Evoked Potential, P600
Evoked Potentials, N100
Evoked Potentials, N200
Evoked Potentials, N300
Evoked Potentials, N400
Evoked Potentials, P200
Evoked Potentials, P50
Evoked Potentials, P600
N1 Wave
N1 Waves
N100 Evoked Potential
N100 Evoked Potentials
N2 Wave
N2 Waves
N200 Evoked Potential
N200 Evoked Potentials
N3 Wave
N3 Waves
N300 Evoked Potential
N300 Evoked Potentials
N4 Wave
N4 Waves
N400 Evoked Potential
N400 Evoked Potentials
P2 Wave
P2 Waves
P200 Evoked Potential
P200 Evoked Potentials
P50 Evoked Potential
P50 Evoked Potentials
P50 Wave
P50 Waves
P600 Evoked Potential
P600 Evoked Potentials
Potential, Event-Related
Potential, Evoked
Potentials, Event Related
Potentials, Event-Related
Potentials, Evoked
Potentials, N400 Evoked
Wave, N1
Wave, N2
Wave, N3
Wave, N4
Wave, P2
Wave, P50
Waves, N1
Waves, N2
Waves, N3
Waves, N4
Waves, P2
Waves, P50  
Tree Number:   G07.265.216.500
Definition English:   Electrical responses recorded from nerve, muscle, SENSORY RECEPTOR, or area of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM following stimulation. They range from less than a microvolt to several microvolts. The evoked potential can be auditory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, AUDITORY), somatosensory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, SOMATOSENSORY), visual (EVOKED POTENTIALS, VISUAL), or motor (EVOKED POTENTIALS, MOTOR), or other modalities that have been reported. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics
See Related English:   Cortical Synchronization
Electroencephalography Phase Synchronization
History Note English:   68(67) 
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DE drug effects GE genetics
IM immunology PH physiology
RE radiation effects  
Record Number:   5168 
Unique Identifier:   D005071 

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