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Descriptor English:   Gait Disorders, Neurologic 
Descriptor Spanish:   Trastornos Neurológicos de la Marcha 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Transtornos Neurológicos da Marcha 
Synonyms English:   Ambulation Disorder, Neurologic
Ambulation Disorders, Neurologic
Athetotic Gait
Broadened Gait
Charcot Gait
Charcot Gaits
Charcot's Gait
Charcots Gait
Drop Foot Gait
Duck Gait
Festinating Gait
Foot Gait, Drop
Frontal Gait
Gait Disorder, Neurologic
Gait Disorder, Sensorimotor
Gait Disorders, Sensorimotor
Gait Dysfunction, Neurologic
Gait Dysfunctions, Neurologic
Gait, Athetotic
Gait, Broadened
Gait, Charcot
Gait, Charcot's
Gait, Drop Foot
Gait, Duck
Gait, Festinating
Gait, Frontal
Gait, Hemiplegic
Gait, Hysterical
Gait, Reeling
Gait, Rigid
Gait, Scissors
Gait, Shuffling
Gait, Spastic
Gait, Stumbling
Gait, Unsteady
Gait, Widebased
Gaits, Charcot
Hemiplegic Gait
Hysterical Gait
Locomotion Disorder, Neurologic
Locomotion Disorders, Neurologic
Marche a Petit Pas
Neurologic Ambulation Disorder
Neurologic Ambulation Disorders
Neurologic Gait Disorder
Neurologic Gait Disorders
Neurologic Gait Dysfunction
Neurologic Gait Dysfunctions
Neurologic Locomotion Disorder
Neurologic Locomotion Disorders
Rapid Fatigue of Gait
Reeling Gait
Rigid Gait
Scissors Gait
Sensorimotor Gait Disorder
Sensorimotor Gait Disorders
Shuffling Gait
Shuffling Gaits
Spastic Gait
Stumbling Gait
Unsteady Gait
Widebased Gait  
Tree Number:   C10.597.404
Definition English:   Gait abnormalities that are a manifestation of nervous system dysfunction. These conditions may be caused by a wide variety of disorders which affect motor control, sensory feedback, and muscle strength including: CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES; or MUSCULAR DISEASES. 
Indexing Annotation English:   LAMENESS, ANIMAL is also available
History Note English:   2000 
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