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Descriptor English:   Health Occupations 
Descriptor Spanish:   Empleos en Salud 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Ocupações em Saúde 
Synonyms English:   Health Occupation
Health Profession
Health Professions
Profession, Health
Professions, Health  
Tree Number:   H02
Definition English:   Professions or other business activities directed to the cure and prevention of disease. For occupations of medical personnel who are not physicians but who are working in the fields of medical technology, physical therapy, etc., ALLIED HEALTH OCCUPATIONS is available. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH; ALLIED HEALTH OCCUPATIONS is also available; for health aides consider HEALTH WORKFORCE or ALLIED HEALTH PERSONNEL or specifics
History Note English:   68; was HEALTH PROFESSIONS 1963-67 
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