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Descriptor English:   Diet, Healthy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Dieta Saludable 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Dieta Saudável 
Synonyms English:   Diet, Prudent
Diets, Healthy
Diets, Prudent
Eating Index, Healthy
Eating Indices, Healthy
Eating, Healthy
Healthy Diet
Healthy Diets
Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating Index
Healthy Eating Indices
Healthy Nutrition
Index, Healthy Eating
Indices, Healthy Eating
Nutrition, Healthy
Prudent Diet
Prudent Diets  
Tree Number:   F01.829.458.205.500
Definition English:   Dietary patterns which have been found to be important in reducing disease risk. 
History Note English:   2019 (2017) 
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VE veterinary  
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Unique Identifier:   D000072001 

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