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Descriptor English:   Immunologic Techniques 
Descriptor Spanish:   Técnicas Inmunológicas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Técnicas Imunológicas 
Synonyms English:   Antibody Dissociation
Antibody Dissociations
Dissociation, Antibody
Dissociations, Antibody
Immunologic Technic
Immunologic Technics
Immunologic Technique
Immunological Technic
Immunological Technics
Immunological Technique
Immunological Techniques
Technic, Immunologic
Technic, Immunological
Technics, Immunologic
Technics, Immunological
Technique, Immunologic
Technique, Immunological
Techniques, Immunologic
Techniques, Immunological  
Tree Number:   E05.478
Definition English:   Techniques used to demonstrate or measure an immune response, and to identify or measure antigens using antibodies. 
Indexing Annotation English:   GEN: prefer specifics; NIM; do not confuse with IMMUNOLOGIC TESTS ( = immunol techniques applied to diag); DF: IMMUNOL TECHNIQUES
See Related English:   Immunotherapy
History Note English:   91; was IMMUNOLOGIC TECHNICS 1973-90; ANTIBODY DISSOCIATION was heading 1971-82 (Prov 1971-72) 
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